What workshops on Adlerian psychology are offered?

We offer one-day workshops on topics in Adlerian psychology in the Fall and Spring, such as Dreams & Dream Interpretation, Early Recollections, and Life Tasks analysis.

You can collect credits from one-day workshops towards a Certificate in Parent Education. With this certificate, you have completed most of the steps towards becoming a Certified Parenting Facilitator (CPF). CPFs are qualified to plan and facilitate their own parenting groups through a holistic Adlerian psychology lens. An example of such group would be the STEP (Systematic Training in Effective Parenting) Parenting workshops we offer at The Adler Centre.

What are the parenting workshops like?

Our workshops are facilitated by a Certified Parenting Facilitator (CPF) and a co-facilitator in-training. The group is a mix of approximately 12 parents, including couples, co-parents, and single parents. Each group’s unique parenting experiences help guide the discussion and delivery of the workshop material.