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Parenting Children & Teens Workshop

Remote Zoom meeting, 06:00pm
$200/Individual, $300/Couples or Co-Parents. Financial Aid may be available, please inquire

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We welcome you to become a member of the Adlerian Psychology Association of British Columbia (APABC). We are a space for Adlerians to connect and promote our mission of putting Adlerian ideas into practice through promoting social interest, community, encouragement, and the human need to belong.

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Grow With Us

As a non-profit organization we are always seeking reliable and innovative volunteers. Volunteering at The Adler Centre is a great opportunity to witness the operation of a busy counselling clinic.


Support The Community

Donations have a direct impact on the community by supporting our work to provide necessary counselling services to all that need them. Without donations, we would not be able to offer financial aid and low cost services too individuals, parents, and students who would otherwise not be able to access them.


How Your Support Helps


We are dedicated to keeping counselling rates as low as possible to provide affordable services to anyone that needs them. Counselling below market rates, financial aid to students or parents, and free online groups are part of our work to provide accessible mental health services.


We build healthier communities, starting by providing people the care that they need. A healthy community is possible when individuals, relationships, and families can work together and feel physically and psychologically safe. As social beings, we are hard wired to belong. The feeling of belonging is possible when we can move from competing to cooperating and contributing.


Our clinic operates on a very tight budget and donations allow us to keep our clinic operating, including purchasing ‘luxury’ items such as furniture and crucially needed office equipment.

  • How can I get a tax deductable donation receipt?

    If you donate here, Canada Helps will automatically issue a tax receipt for your donation.
    If you would like to donate directly via phone, cheque, or at the clinic, we will write or send you a tax receipt.

  • How can I access one of your free groups?

    Please fill out a contact form. We will add you to the list to join the next group.

  • Can I chose where my donation will go?

    Yes. You can indicate in the donation form or let us know how you would like your donation to be used, eg. general, sliding scale sessions, free online groups, financial aid for parents.

  • What are the benefits of APABC membership?
    • Prior notification of Adlerian workshops and events
    • 20% off all Adler Centre sponsored workshops
    • Tax deductible membership fees
    • 10% Discount at Odin Books
    • Help the Adler Centre support the community
    • COMING SOON: access to archival historical Adlerian materials and members-only content
  • Is APABC membership tax-deductible?