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Certificate in Parent Education and Introduction to Adlerian Psychology


S.T.E.P. Parenting Workshops and topics in Adlerian Psychology

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FAQs about donations and APABC membership

Adler Community

  • Is APABC membership tax-deductible?


  • What are the benefits of APABC membership?
    • Prior notification of Adlerian workshops and events
    • 20% off all Adler Centre sponsored workshops
    • Tax deductible membership fees
    • 10% Discount at Odin Books
    • Help the Adler Centre support the community
    • COMING SOON: access to archival historical Adlerian materials and members-only content
  • Can I chose where my donation will go?

    Yes. You can indicate in the donation form or let us know how you would like your donation to be used, eg. general, sliding scale sessions, free online groups, financial aid for parents.

  • How can I access one of your free groups?

    Please fill out a contact form. We will add you to the list to join the next group.

  • How can I get a tax deductable donation receipt?

    If you donate here, Canada Helps will automatically issue a tax receipt for your donation.
    If you would like to donate directly via phone, cheque, or at the clinic, we will write or send you a tax receipt.


  • What workshops on Adlerian psychology are offered?

    We currently offer a 4 day Introduction to Adlerian Psychology course. Additionally, we regularly offer one day workshops on Dreams & Dream Interpretation and Early Recollections. Other workshops on Adlerian Psychology are offered occasionally.

  • What are the parenting workshops like?

    Our workshops are facilitated by a Certified Parenting Facilitator (CPF) and a co-facilitator in-training. The group is a mix of approximately 12 parents, including couples, co-parents, and single parents. Each group’s unique parenting experiences help guide the discussion and delivery of the workshop material.

  • Can I register for a parenting workshop as ordered by a court or for reunification?

    Yes. Upon completing the 8-week workshop, you will receive a Certificate of Completion that may be used in these contexts. Please let us know on the forms when you’re registering if this is applicable to you.

  • Do you have financial aid available for parents?

    Yes, financial aid may be available on a case-by-case basis. Please contact us.


  • I don’t want to facilitate workshops. Should I still take this certificate program?

    Yes. This program is useful for those seeking skills and tools to enhance their counselling and parenting practices. Also for those working with children and adolescents, couples and families in related fields such as teaching, social work, family support and parents in general. Using a holistic Adlerian approach, participants will learn the tools to both conceptualize and offer parenting support to those in need.

  • Can I change the number of sessions when I facilitate my own workshops?


  • What content can I change when I facilitate my own workshops?

    You can design your parenting workshop based on the goals of the group using the basic foundation found in the course materials.

  • How long does it take to complete the Certificate in Parent Education?

    The program is 8 weeks total. The program consists of:

    • 4 weeks: Introduction to Adlerian Psychology
    • 2 weeks: Introduction to Basic Principles of Adlerian Parenting
    • 2 weeks: Basic skills in Adult Education & Group Dynamics/Group Facilitation Skills
  • Can I use this course to become a Certified Parenting Facilitator (CPF)?

    Yes. To be a Certified Parenting Facilitator, you will need to complete the following requisites:

    • Pass all 4 courses in the Certificate in Parent Education
    • Be an Adlerian Psychology Association of BC (APABC) member in good standing
    • Co-Facilitate an Adlerian Parenting program such as STEP or Positive Discipline
    • Provide a recent Criminal Record Check
    • Attend an in-person interview with the Program Director
  • What is a Certified Parenting Facilitator?

    A Certified Parenting Facilitator CPF credential indicates that the recipient has met all of the standards and requirements for the practice of Adlerian Parenting Education in the Province of British Columbia. The credential is awarded by The Alfred Adler Institute and recognized by Adlerian peers and practitioners through the Adlerian Psychology Association of BC.

  • Is this the same material that would be covered in a Master’s program?

    Yes. This course is a Masters level course material that is eligible for Continuing Education Credit. It is taught by a doctorate level educator with decades of Adlerian knowledge in both academic and practice settings.

  • How do I become a Certified Adlerian Counsellor (CAC)?

    Please contact the registrar, Dr. Chris Shelley, about seeking CAC certification at

    The Certified Adlerian Counsellor credential indicates that the recipient has met all of the standards and requirements for the practice of Adlerian Counselling in the Province of British Columbia. The credential is awarded by The Alfred Adler Institute and recognised by Adlerian peers and practitioners through the Adlerian Psychology Association of BC.

    Admission Requirements:

    • The applicant is a member in good standing of the Adlerian Psychology Association of BC (APABC);
    • The applicant holds a recognised Masters or Doctoral degree or its equivalent;
    • The applicant is Licensed, Certified, or Registered and in good standing with a professional body;
    • The applicant agrees to fulfill Continuing Education Units (CEUs) at the rate of 20 units per year, tallying 100 units over 5 years.
  • Who can take this course?

    This course is open the general public.

  • How often is the Introduction to Adlerian Psychology course offered?

    We currently offer this course when there is enough interest to run a full class. Due to the pandemic, we are not offering this course annually as we have in previous years.


  • Can I work with a Certified Adlerian Counsellor (CAC)?

    Please see our Practitioners page for a list of Certified Adlerian Counselling Therapists (CAC). You may contact a practitioner at their listed contact information. There is very limited availability for CAC therapists at The Adler Centre. We encourage you to choose from our Practitioners page.

  • What happens after my intern counsellor finished their practicum?

    We will bridge you to a different intern when your counsellor finishes their practicum at The Adler Centre.

  • What are Masters level Intern counsellors?

    Our intern counsellors are unregistered graduate student counsellors completing their practicum placement with the Adler Centre as part of their Masters Degree. The interns come from various accredited universities, most often the University of British Columbia, City University, and Adler University. They are here for 8-12 months on average while they gain the necessary hours to become Registered Clinical Counsellors (RCC).

  • Do you offer in-person or remote sessions?

    Yes. We offer in-person or remote sessions, including video and telephone.

  • Will my insurance / extended health cover counselling?

    Maybe. The Adler Centre does not directly bill to insurance providers. We will provide you with receipts which you can then submit to your extended health provider. If you are planning to use extended health, please make sure to check with your provider to see what kind of coverage your plan provides.

    All Associate counsellors have an RCC (Registered Clinical Counsellor) or CCC (Canadian Certified Counsellor) credential. Our Interns are not registered counsellors but are under the clinical supervision of an RCC.

  • Can I choose my counsellor, see a list of counsellors, and/or have a free consultation?

    We will add you to our waitlist, including contact information and any relevant information or requests. We will try to match you with a counsellor that meets your requests. If you find that your counsellor is not a good fit, let us know and we can transfer you to a different counsellor.

    We do not offer free consultations. However, you can request to briefly talk on the phone with your counsellor once your counsellor has reached out to you to book an intake appointment.

  • How does the sliding scale rate work?

    The sliding scale rate is available on a case-by-case basis determined by employment status, income, and/or disability. The sliding scale rate is only available with our Intern counsellors. Please discuss your eligibility directly with your counsellor.

  • Are all your counsellors Adlerian practitioners?

    No. While our clinic promotes Adlerian values of encouragement, social interest, and the human need to belong, it is not required that our counsellors have an Adlerian approach. For a list of Certified Adlerian Counselling Therapists (CAC), please see the Practitioners page.


  • What is Adlerian Psychology?

    Please see our All About Adler page for information on Alfred Adler and Adlerian psychology.

  • Is the Adler Centre related to Adler University?

    No. The Adler Centre has no affiliation or connection to Adler University.

  • How do I complete my counselling internship at The Adler Centre?

    We accept interns from various Masters programs in British Columbia. For all practicum inquiries, please contact the clinical director, Dr. Chris Shelley at

  • Is the Adler Centre a registered charity and/or non-profit organization?

    Yes. The Adler Centre is a clinic operated by the Adlerian Psychology Association of British Columbia (APABC). APABC is CRA registered Canadian Charity # 10668-5571-RR0001. APABC is a registered non-profit organization under the BC Societies Act.

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