Our Approach

The Adlerian principles of individual healing, education, holism, and community need are implicit in all that we offer at The Adler Centre. Whether attending counselling, group workshops or academic learning, these founding principles will be present.


Compassion is at the heart of our work at The Adler Centre and we are dedicated to offering our varied services with respect, encouragement, patience and wisdom.

Social Interest

The theory of Holism is based on the idea that things can be best understood by looking at the whole rather than at parts. In this way people are an inseparable part of community. At the Adler Centre we support our communities by way of our accessible counselling and community-oriented programs.


Since Adlerian thought is based on essential human needs and drives, it will continue to remain relevant. Through the teaching of Adler’s ideas we underscore the importance of mutual respect and cooperation within community. This fosters Gemeinschaftsgefuhl – a term used by Adler and meaning community feeling or social interest.

Clinic Staff

James (Jim) Skinner

Executive Director

Dr. Chris Shelley

Clinical Director

Evelyn Taylor

Administrative & Grants Manager

Sara Kloepfer

Office Assistant

Anna Goren

Community Liaison

Kirsty Lewis

Associate Representative

Board Members

  • Peter Clark
  • Jill Davies
  • Gabriel Hinojosa
  • Andrea Jonsson
  • Deborah Kong
  • Jennifer Lee
  • Jean Mill
  • Michelle Trantina
  • Nancy Chapman


  • Davies Family Fund
  • Robert Pirouz
  • Jason Jacobson & Michelle Trantina
  • Nadeem Meghji
  • Jeffrey Sundar
  • Jean Mill
  • Nicola Wealth Private Giving Foundation
  • 2Oaks Consulting Inc.