Course Description

Through a blend of instructor presentation and small group exercises emphasizing reflexive awareness, we will explore a series of Adlerian theories and concepts. The course may be taken for continuing education units or as a part of the Certification program for Adlerian Counsellors (2 credits) at the Alfred Adler Institute (APABC).

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  • Social Interest and Community Feeling
  • Holism and the Creative Self
  • Fictional Finalism, Teleology, and Goals
  • Encouragement
  • Inferiority, Superiority and Compensation
  • Life Style / Style of Life
  • Early Recollections
  • Family Constellation and Birth Order
  • Life Tasks and Social Embeddedness
  • The un/conscious in Adlerian Psychology
  • Private Logic and ‘Common Sense’
  • Symptoms and ‘Neurosis’
  • Safeguarding Behaviour
  • Guilt and Guilt Feelings
  • Socratic Questioning


$550 (plus non-refundable registration fees)


SFU Harbour Centre

  • How often is the Introduction to Adlerian Psychology course offered?

    We currently offer this course when there is enough interest to run a full class. Due to the pandemic, we are not offering this course annually as we have in previous years.

  • Who can take this course?

    This course is open the general public.

  • How do I become a Certified Adlerian Counsellor (CAC)?

    Please contact the registrar, Dr. Chris Shelley, about seeking CAC certification at

    The Certified Adlerian Counsellor credential indicates that the recipient has met all of the standards and requirements for the practice of Adlerian Counselling in the Province of British Columbia. The credential is awarded by The Alfred Adler Institute and recognised by Adlerian peers and practitioners through the Adlerian Psychology Association of BC.

    Admission Requirements:

    • The applicant is a member in good standing of the Adlerian Psychology Association of BC (APABC);
    • The applicant holds a recognised Masters or Doctoral degree or its equivalent;
    • The applicant is Licensed, Certified, or Registered and in good standing with a professional body;
    • The applicant agrees to fulfill Continuing Education Units (CEUs) at the rate of 20 units per year, tallying 100 units over 5 years.
  • Is this the same material that would be covered in a Master’s program?

    Yes. This course is a Masters level course material that is eligible for Continuing Education Credit. It is taught by a doctorate level educator with decades of Adlerian knowledge in both academic and practice settings.